Videojet® DataFlex® Plus Thermal Transfer Overprinter

Sorry, but the DataFlex® Plus is no longer available – we recommend as an alternative product the DataFlex® 6420 which will fulfill your needs. If you need any support don’t hesitate to contact us.

Thermal Transfer Label Printing for High Throughput Applications

The Videojet DataFlex Plus industrial thermal transfer printer delivers high resolution images on flexible packaging, while minimizing downtime and cost associated with ribbon breaks and production changeovers. The DataFlex Plus is available in two print widths, 53 mm and 107 mm, to provide the best combination of printhead and ribbon width to deliver the most cost effective solution for your application requirements.

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53 mm 107 mm
Printer Mode Intermittent and Continuous Motion Intermittent and Continuous Motion
Print Gap 0.5 mm (0.020 in) 0.5 mm (0.020 in)
Ribbon Widths Min: 20 mm (0.8 in)
Max: 55 mm (2.16 in)
Min: 20 mm (0.8 in)
Max: 110 mm (4.30 in)
Continuous Mode:
     Maximum Print Area
     (Width x Length)

53 x 200 mm
(2.09 x 7.87in)

107 x 200 mm
(4.21 x 7.87in)

     Maximum Print Speed 1000 mm/s (39.37 in/sec) 800 mm/s (31.49 in/sec)
     Minimum Print Speed 0 mm/sec (0 in/sec) 0 mm/sec (0 in/sec)
Intermittent Mode:
     Maximum Print Area
     (Width x Length)
53 x 75 mm
(2.09 x 2.95 in) RH option
53 x 68 mm
(2.09 x 2.68 in) LH option
107 x 75 mm
(4.21 x 2.95 in) RH option
107 x 68 mm
(4.21 x 2.68 in) LH option
     Maximum Print Speed 800 mm/sec (31.49 in/sec) 700 mm/sec (27.56 in/sec)
     Minimum Print Speed 50 mm/sec (1.96 in/sec) 50 mm/sec (1.96 in/sec)
Bar Code Printing Yes, as variable information Yes, as variable information
Estimated Maximum Throughput (Single Line Code, Continuous Mode) 400 packs/min 200 packs/min
Standard User Interface CLARiTY™ 8.4 inch SVGA color LCD touchscreen CLARiTY™ 8.4 inch SVGA color LCD touchscreen
Leader/Follower capability (Up to 4 Printers Controlled by One User Interface) Optional Optional
Standard Communication RS232, Ethernet, USB Memory Stick, Binary and ASCII comms RS232, Ethernet, USB Memory Stick, Binary and ASCII comms
Web Browser Capability Yes Yes
Enables consistent high quality print and coding flexibility:
  • 300 dpi print resolution assures high quality codes
  • Patented software controlled ribbon drive allows complete control over ribbon movement and tension
  • Real-time variable data makes a variety of applications possible
  • Prints codes up to 107 mm (4.30 in) wide
  • Up to 400 packs/min for high throughput applications
Simple Usability limits operator interaction reducing potential for errors:
  • Intuitive CLARiTY™ 8.4 inch color touchscreen makes set-ups fast and easy with fewer errors
  • Can be networked to PLCs or factory management systems for centralized control
  • Digital coding automatically updates variable data and eliminates time and effort spent changing stamps
  • Ribbon cassette ensures replacement is fast and easy, compared to having to thread ribbon through the coder
  • Optional Leader/Follower functionality allows up to 4 printers to be controlled from a single DataFlex® Plus controller
Uptime Advantage saves production time and money:
  • Ribbon tension is consistently maintained through a highly reliable clutchless drive to eliminate ribbon-related downtime
  • Intermittent and continuous printing in the same machine accommodates future packaging equipment upgrades
  • 1200 m (3937 ft) ribbon length and 0.5 mm (0.020 in) print gap means less frequent ribbon changes than mechanical stamping systems
  • Innovative ribbon saving features like interleaving and radial printing can double ribbon utilization, saving money and increasing time between ribbon replacement
Code Assurance helps eliminate costly coding errors:
  • Advanced coder software virtually eliminates code set-up errors.
  • CLARiSOFT® code design software prevents incorrect printed dates, missed codes and costly production rework
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