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The Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) integrates different equipment systems and data into one large, connected ecosystem to increase productivity and drive innovation. Discover how manufacturing industries leverage advanced digital technologies to drive IIoT.

VIDEO: “Utilization of IIoT in Production Environments”
Videojet experts answer questions on implementation of the Industrial Internet of Things for manufacturing. Learn what the IIoT is, why it has become such a hot topic, the benefits to adopting an IIoT strategy, the challenges involved, and the what the future may bring.

Three questions managers must ask to successfully adopt IIoT
Learn about the drivers behind the growth of the Industrial Internet of Things and the three main benefits of adopting IIoT on production lines that can give managers a competitive advantage.

The drivers and benefits of IIoT
There are three key questions your company needs to ask themselves before implementing the Industrial Internet of Things. Understanding the problem and defining use cases, such as production efficiency and uptime, will be critical in identifying a right-sized solution based on your needs.

Empowering your packaging line with real-time information
Line managers are often told to use real-time information to better manage their packaging lines, without being told what real-time information entails. Discover how line managers can use status and flow signals to take advantage of real-time information.

Four ways to leverage IIoT for Lean packaging line improvements
There are four ways data management and productivity solutions can help utilize the data derived from existing equipment that can be connected to the IIoT.

Productivity advantage through IIoT
Inconsistent and inaccurate data can lead to wrong insights and poor decisions. Learn how the Industrial Internet of Things can be leveraged to collect data automatically, removing opportunities for human error and variability.

Improving productivity and efficiency: pitfalls and IIoT-enabled innovation
Finding a right-sized productivity solution to manage your data is as important as identifying a partner who understands your production.