What is a Nutritional Information Table?

Ensure compliance with official standards: Videojet coding machines help enable you to print or label nutritional information on your product.

This information is also known as a nutritional table, and should be printed on all food packaging. Included should be the list of ingredients (and quantities) used to manufacture the product. Nutritional labeling of food is part of the Mexican Official Standards, in an effort to combat the growing obesity rates in the country and educate consumers on what is healthy for the body.

Currently it is compulsory to include the following information: energy content, protein, available carbohydrate (sugars), fats or lipids (saturated fat), fiber, sodium and any nutrient considered important or for which claims are made.

With Videojet machines, you can print nutritional information of your product on any packaging or support surface. Contact one of our specialists for advice and a quote on the technology best suited to your needs.

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