What is an Expiry Date ?

Have you ever wondered how the expiration dates of the products we buy in our daily lives are marked or written?

These codes are the most important point in terms of food safety and are very closely related to our health. Therefore, the quality and readability of these codes is a very important issue for us, the consumers, and we need to be conscious. Have you ever wondered how these codes are written?

The expiry date is the date when a product can be used for the last time in a healthy and high-quality way. Since the use or consumption of the product after this date will carry risk, the products cannot be sold after this date.

Most of these codings are done with devices called continuous inkjet coding machines. Videojet, which is the global leader in this field, has been doing this job for 40 years and is appreciated by all manufacturers. Moreover, Videojet, which also has a head office in our country, can provide support to its customers in all coding types.

Videojet has many printers that print an expiration date on your product. There are many options, including inkjet and laser printers and labelling machines.

In many countries, an expiration date is required on the label of packaged food products and soft drinks, with the exception of products in cans or highly vacuumed encapsulated packages in some cases.

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