Videojet® DN50A/LN100A YAG Laser Engraving Equipment

Sorry, but the DN50A and LN100A are no longer available – we recommend as an alternative product the Videojet 7510 and our fiber laser marking systems which will fulfill your needs.
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50-Watt and 100-Watt YAG Industrial Laser Printer for Engraving on Metal or Plastic

Designed in conjunction with our sister company Foba Alltec, the Videojet DN50A and LN100A are Nd:YAG laser marking systems designed to meet the most stringent laser marking requirements for throughput, flexibility, user-friendliness, reliability and quality. The 50 Watt DN50A is suited for applications involving engraving, a color change, color removal or annealing marking at impressively high resolution. The 100 Watt LN100A is suited for engraving applications at higher power levels for greater throughput.

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DN50A LN100A
Laser Tube Nd:YAG Nd:YAG
Maximum Power 50W 100W
Laser Cooling Liquid, Internal source Liquid, External source
Maximum Print Speed 1300 characters/sec 1300 characters/sec
Maximum Line Speed 900 m/min (3000 ft/min) 900 m/min (3000 ft/min)
Environmental Protection IP44 (Laser Head), IP42 (Laser), IP22 (Marking Head) IP44 (Laser Head), IP42 (Laser), IP22 (Marking Head)
Beam Output Digital high-speed galvanometer scanner Digital high-speed galvanometer scanner
Laser Source Expected Life 10,000 – 15,000 hours 1,000 – 2,000 hours
Laser Wavelength 1.064 μm 1.064 μm
Focal Distance Options 100 mm (3.93 in) – 420 mm (16.53 in) 100 mm (3.93 in) – 420 mm (16.53 in)
Maximum Mark Window 498.5 x 361.5 mm (19.62 x 14.23 in) 498.5 x 361.5 mm (19.62 x 14.23 in)
Standard I/O Connectivity Ethernet, RS232 Ethernet, RS232
Standard User Interface Touch screen Touch screen
Optional User Inteface PC, Handheld, Software PC, Handheld, Software

High speed marking performance for greater productivity:

  • Capable of high quality marking at line speeds of up to 900 m/min (2950 ft/min) and 1300 characters/sec
  • Efficient production of marking jobs with text, machine-readable codes, graphics or other variable data

Meet the needs of a wide range of application solutions with superior laser beam quality and control:

  • The laser beam parameters can be adjusted to suit the job requirements for the best marking quality
  • Powerful software lets you create messages with automatically updated content, symbols, graphics and languages

Highly flexible integration:

  • Compact system design and innovative beam deliver system simplifies integration into production
  • Capable of being completely controlled by computer for use in fully automated production lines
  • Adaptable communication system makes print job development simpler and capable of being completed off-line

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