7340 & 7440 Fiber Lasers featuring Lightfoot™

The compact fiber laser that is easy to:


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Optimized for washdown and harsh environments

Developed for manufacturers who require problem-free usage in washdown and/or harsh environments, the Lightfoot fiber laser marking head is IP69 rated and will not require any additional housing or protective equipment.


Available with optional EtherNet / IP™ and PROFINET®

Easily adapt your laser marking solution to fit your line with optional EtherNet / IP™ and PROFINET industrial protocols, allowing for greater control, communication and data collection.

* Ethernet/IP is a trademark of ODVA. PROFINET is a registered trademark of Profibus & Profinet International (PI).


Option of 0°or 90° marking head

The 0° or 90° marking heads make integration into tight production machines even easier. The 7340 and 7440 fiber laser head can be fit into tight mechanical spaces unlike any other laser marker.


Umbilical lengths

Whether the production line design allows the marking head and supply unit to be close to each other or requires further distance, two umbilical length options are available to ease integration and deliver flexibility in positioning the laser.