What is CIJ?

What is CIJ?

The CIJ (Continous Inkjet) technology is used commercially for marking and coding of products and packages.
In CIJ technology, a high-pressure pump directs fluid ink from a reservoir through a gun body and a microscopic nozzle, creating a continuous stream of ink droplets. A piezoelectric crystal may be used to create an acoustic wave as it vibrates within the gun body and causes the stream of liquid to break into droplets at regular intervals: 64,000 to 165,000 dots per second may be achieved

What is the working principle of CIJ?

The CIJ printers charge the individual ink drops that make-up a message. Each drop, with its specific charge, flies through a magnetic field generated inside the printhead. The amount of charge place on the drop determines the amount of deflection it has in this field. The drops that get deflected most make up the top line of code, or the top drops of a single line code. The drops that get deflected a little make up the lower lines of code or the lower drops of a single line character. The drops that do not get any charge do not get deflected and land inside the printhead and go back into the ink system.

What applications are recommended for CIJ?

CIJ printers can be used to print on;

and others. Typical applications include Milk containers, Soda cans, pharmaceuticals, small cardboard boxes, cabling, and small component marking.

Continuous Inkjet Printers for Light Duty Marking and Coding Applications

Single-shift operations running 5 days per week can benefit from coding systems that offer high-quality print with features such as programmed date and time advance, real-time variable information and automatic maintenance procedures to keep the system in optimal printing condition. Videojet continuous inkjet printers offer everything from a basic single-line code to multi-line messaging with automated features.

Videojet® 1240 CIJ Printer

  • Easy to operate 8” tablet-inspired touchscreen display with SIMPLICiTY™ interface
  • Achieve stable performance and reliability across a broad range of operating conditions with the proven Videojet printhead and fluid systems
  • One, easy-to-replace Videojet SmartCell™ service module
  • All basic I/O ports included

Videojet® 1280 CIJ Printer

  • All of the features of the 1240 plus…
  • Reduced make-up consumption
  • Longer umbilical option available
  • Positive air available

Videojet 1040

  • Ideal for basic inkjet marking production needs
  • Maximum line speed: 130 m/min (426.5ft/min)