Videojet 9560 PL pallet
labeling system

Print & Apply Labeling

  • The Videojet 9560 PL is a reliable, automated pallet labeling system that reduces warehouse costs and mistakes
  • Fully automated, it is specifically engineered to function in demanding conditions
  • The 9560 PL can cover two or three sides and up to four labels, processing up to 120 pallets per hour across diverse applications
  • To help ensure error-free operations, the system verifies label accuracy and reprints incorrect labels as needed
  • The 9560 PL also interfaces with warehouse management systems and helps customers adhere to industry regulations

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Videojet 9560 PL


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Label Application MethodTelescopic tamp
Print TechnologyThermal transfer printing with Intelligent MotionTM Ribbon Drive and
Direct Thermal 160mm printhead
RibbonWidth: 5.9 – 6.5” (150 – 165mm)
Capacity: Up to 500m, including automatic ribbon save (< 1mm ribbon gap between successive prints irrespective of label size or speed)
Print Resolution300dpi (200dpi in emulation mode)
Print SpeedUp to 15.7in/sec (400mm/sec); speed is dependent on the application
ThroughputUp to 120 pallets per hour, based on two labels per pallet
EmulationsZebra (ZPL), Sato (SBPL) and Markem-Imaje (Cimcomms) protocol support
Label Width/Length/CapacityWidth/length: 5.9 to 6 .9” / 4.0 to 8.3” (150 to 175mm / 100 to 210mm); A5/A6
Capacity: Up to 330mm spool diameter
InterfaceCLARiTYTM Controller with interactive on-board video tutorials
ConnectivityEthernet, Power-over-Ethernet, Configurable I/O (24V, PNP and volt free); 8 inputs and 6 outputs
USB (for backup/restore and label upload), remote Control Videojet 9560 PL via a web browser
CertificationCE, TÜV

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Pallet labeling to suit your application

  • Rotating tamp pad with wrist joint provides firm label adhesion of up to four labels per pallet
  • Label placement on up to three sides of the pallet helps you avoid logistic hold-ups
  • Graphical User Interface helps to minimize errors and aids with troubleshooting, while onboard videos help to simplify staff training
  • A fully enclosed climate-controlled cabinet helps protects labels from harsh environmental conditions, reducing label warping, deformation, and weak adhesion
  • Thermal transfer labeling does not change color when exposed to sunlight, and can apply identical labels on up to three sides in compliance with GS1 specifications

A rugged and refined design

  • Resilient construction and industry-low footprint mean you can put the 9560 PL almost anywhere
  • Three stand height options add flexibility, with a labeling arm that extends up to 700mm beyond the enclosure, and label applicator that
    swivels 90o
  • An integrated bar code scanner checks for label errors, ensures readability, and validates codes

A reliable, next-level solution

  • The advanced rotating tamp pad automatically corrects no-read labels caused by dead dots, reducing errors and downtime
  • Intelligent Motion™ clutchless, adjustment-free technology enables precise control of all the design elements of the machine
  • Label and ribbon replacements can be performed quickly, helping to avoid downtime and lowering the cost of operation

Connectivity-ready for seamless integration

  • The 9560 PL offers intelligent I/O capabilities including EtherNet/IP™, PROFINET®, Zebra, and SATO protocols
  • VideojetConnect™ software solutions help ensure data integrity, central code management, and easy printer connection across the entire plant
  • Industry-leading CLARiTY touchscreen interface delivers intuitive job selection, code assurance, and built-in productivity tools
  • VideojetConnect™ Remote Service* provides real-time information on printer issues, helping to monitor equipment status, troubleshoot issues, and improve long-term performance
  • Web server capability allows customers to access the 9560 PL via supported web browsers on host computers, with up to five web server sessions per printer
  • Available Wi-FI connectivity

*Subject to availability in your country

Supports your sustainability objectives

  • Videojet’s comprehensive labeling solutions help you to reduce your environmental impact and optimize your supply chain while maintaining the highest levels of efficiency and reliability
  • Intelligent Motion technology eliminates manual adjustments, increasing the overall equipment effectiveness of your line
  • The Videojet labeling portfolio provides a range of sustainable labeling options to help you meet constantly evolving regulatory and sustainability requirements

Simple user experience

  • Easy-to-navigate user interface with WYSIWYG job print preview
  • Self-help onboard videos





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Videojet 9560 PL
Pallet labeling system
DescriptionApplies pre-printed adhesive labels to a wide variety of products in low to medium duty production environments.Print and apply label technology featuring tamp, front-of-pack, and corner-wrap applicator to meet various production needs.Dedicated automated pallet labeling system that can cover two or three sides and up to four labels, processing up to 120 pallets per hour.
Printing technologyN/AThermal Transfer with 53mm, 107mm, and 160mm printhead versionsThermal Transfer with 60mm printhead
ThroughputUp to 150 packs per minuteUp to 2 pallets per minute
Max Line Speed30m/min24m/min
Minimum Label Size
(Width x Length)
12 x 12mm40 x 50mm150 x 100mm
Maximum Label Size
(Width x Length )
104 x 500mm165 x 500mm175 x 210mm
CapacityUp to 300mm spool diameter
(optional 400 mm)
Up to 400mm spool diameter (typically delivers over 9000 typical GS1 bar code labels per roll)Up to 330mm spool diameter

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