The Videojet 1880 Continuous Inkjet Printer – Harness predictive capabilities

The Videojet 1880 Continuous Inkjet Printer

Born digital: enable your productivity journey

With advanced digital features built-in, 1880 anticipates potential
printer issues in time for you to avoid them and enables you to
recover faster should downtime still occur.

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Reduce your main causes of unplanned
printer downtime

Videojet MAXIMiZE™ advanced diagnostics suite continuously monitors printer health parameters
to help operators easily identify if a fault is likely to occur. The printer provides on-screen
notifications and the on-board videos walk a user through proactive maintenance routines.

React sooner with real-time
remote visibility to faults

VideojetConnect™ Remote Service* provides real-time
notification of printer issues allowing both Videojet experts and
your technicians to remotely diagnose the problem.


Real-time notification of
printer needs, warning or
fault conditions.


Instant visibility to valuable
printer and productivity

Recover from faults
more quickly

Rapid Recover™* uses advanced automated troubleshooting to
quickly determine if a printer failure can be easily repaired or a spare printer needs to be deployed with printer settings automatically transferred, enabling line recovery within 20mins.

  • Identifies in approximately 1 minute if a printer fault can be repaired within 20 minutes, and provides step-by-step guidance to fix the fault
  • If a repair will take longer than 20 minutes, a printer swap is recommended
  • Rapid Recover™ then backs up printer and job settings for easy download onto a spare printer


If the fault is fixable Rapid Recover™ will walk the user
through simple step-by-step instructions to ensure
an optimal and sustainable fix.


If the fault will take more than 20 minutes to fix or requires
a part, Rapid Recover™ will recommend to deploy the spare. Rapid Recover™ will back up the printer’s settings and
allow the user to download them to the spare.

*Subject to availability in your country