Videojet® 1880 Industrial Inkjet Printer

Videojet® 1880 Industrial Inkjet Printer

The Continuous Inkjet printer manufactured for Industry 4.0 productivity pioneers

The Videojet 1880 CIJ printer builds upon millions of hours of real-world printer data to deliver a digitally-enabled solution that helps to ensure your production line operates without interruption.

With an industry-first ink build-up sensor and Videojet MAXIMiZE™ built-in diagnostics suite, the 1880 is designed to reduce your main causes of unplanned downtime.

Line integration and code management capabilities reduce potential for human error and help to ensure you get the right code at the right quality, every time, while advanced features minimize operator interaction so you can focus on your production.

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InksDye Based
Maximum Lines of Print5
Maximum Line Speed (1)334 m/min (1,097 ft/min)
Environmental ProtectionIP55, IP66
Umbilical Length3m (9.8 ft) optional 6m (19.6 ft)
Message Storage CapabilityMore than 250
Smart Cartridge™Included
Plug and Play Printhead ModulesIncluded
CommunicationsEthernet LAN and RS-232 Serial
(requires RS232 connector kit)
Positive Air / CleanFlow™#
Expanded I/O Ports and Control#
Display (User Interface)SIMPLICiTYTM based 10.4 inch color touchscreen

# Optional

(1) Based upon single line, 10 characters per inch


Harness predictive capabilities

  • Reduce downtime with the Videojet MAXIMiZE™ advanced diagnostics suite
  • React sooner to faults and minimize the need for on-site service calls with VideojetConnect Remote Service™
  • Recover from faults more quickly with RapidRecover™ automated troubleshooting engine

Right code at the right quality

  • Detect when printhead cleaning is required with the 1880 ink build-up sensor
  • Simplify cleaning procedures to just a push of a button with the 1880 Auto-rinse feature
  • Remove potential for human error with the suite of line integration and code management capabilities

Minimize operator interruptions

  • Go longer between printhead cleanings with intelligent start-stop sequence
  • Increase make-up cartridge changeover interval by up to 2x with 0.75L and 1L cartridge size options
  • Easily accommodate operator-performed annual maintenance that takes just 5 minutes per year

Natural fit in your line

  • Integrate into your line more easily with a dynamic rotating printhead
  • Optimize for washdown with a 316 grade stainless steel, IP66 rated cabinet
  • Select from a wide variety of inks engineered to meet your application
  • Withstand the toughest traversing application with a durable over-molded umbilical



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The Videojet 1880 – Enabling Industry 4.0 productivity pioneers
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Code Assurance with SIMPLICiTYTM from the Videojet 1880
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Auto rinse feature in the Videojet 1880 reduces ink build-up
Vidyard Thumbnail
Clean Flow printhead technology maximizes uptime
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Videojet 1880 – Born digital: enable your productivity journey
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Videojet 1880 – Ensure the right code at the right quality every time
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Videojet 1880 – Minimize operator interruptions
Vidyard Thumbnail
Videojet 1880 – Natural fit in your line

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