Videojet® Excel Ultra High Speed Industrial Inkjet Printer

Continuous Inkjet Printer for Ultra High Speed Applications

The Videojet Excel Ultra High Speed small character inkjet coder allows fast, high-quality, multiple-line printing to be easily incorporated into high-speed production processes.

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InksDye Based
Maximum Lines of Print3
Maximum Line Speed(1)338 m/min (1111 ft/min)
Environmental ProtectionIP54
Umbilical Length6 m (19.6 ft)
Message Storage Capability32
CommunicationsRS-232 Serial
Display (User Interface)8 line back-lit LCD with membrane keyboard

(1) Based upon single line, 10 characters per inch

Capabilities to meet your fast production lanes:
  • Print from 1 to 3 lines of text at high speeds:
    • Single line max speed = 330 m/min (1,111 ft/min)
    • Dual line max speed = 135 m/min (444 ft/min)
    • Tri-line max speed = 92 m/min (303 ft/min)
Engineered for extended runs:
  • Small, high resolution codes in nearly any environment
  • Serialize, automatically advance expiration dates, print part numbers, batch codes and messages on almost any surface
  • Wide range of industry-leading inks including high speed beverage and other performance fluids
Consistent and dependable operation:
  • SurePrint® software automatically monitors and adjusts ink viscosity
  • Autoflush™ option automatically cleans printhead, nozzle and return line at shutdown for reduced maintenance
Simple Usability for rapid production changeover:
  • Bright display, function keys and full keyboard for easy operation
  • User levels to separate operation from installation and maintenance

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