Postal Bar Coding FAQ

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How are Videojet Postal printers used?

Videojet’s postal printers are integrated into mail sorting systems to apply images at high speeds without touching or interfering with the media. Postal authorities around the world apply many various bar code formats and other variable images using visible or invisible ink.
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What types of bar codes can be printed?

Beyond the many postal-specific bar codes such Intelligent Mail® Bar Code (IMB), Bar / No Bar, and Royal Mail Bar Code, Videojet’s postal printer – the 37pc – can also print time, date, alphanumeric characters and custom images for stamp cancellation.
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What ink types are available?

Videojet has a number of water and solvent-based inks formulated for postal applications. Ink types include red/orange fluorescent, black, and invisible fluorescent. Videojet possesses the capability to develop inks specific to customer’s security and application requirements.
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What are the print speeds?

Print speeds of over 4.0 meters per second are possible with most bar codes. The exact print speed depends on the bar code pitch (bar spacing). Maximum bar print rate is 4,230 bars per second. Maximum character print rate is 1,388 characters per second.
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What types of interfaces are available?

Printers are available with either parallel or serial (RS232) interfaces. RS232 interface operates at 115.2 Kbaud.
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