Printing on Carton

Carton Printing Machine

Today’s supply chain and logistics have improved immensely due to better tracking of materials and packaged goods. Evolving government regulations, along with food and pharmaceutical safety, are strong drivers for better traceability programs.

High quality inline marking of variable data is a critical enabler for these traceability programs. Complementing Videojet’s solutions for primary packaging coding (inkjet printers, laser and thermal transfer printers), Videojet has a full line of large character printing products (which include carton printing machines and carton printers) to print directly on a variety of secondary packaging materials. Also available are Label Printer Applicators to automatically print and apply labels in real time on cartons and cases, shrink wrapped packages or pallets.

  • Gain production flexibility
  • Reduce carton case and label inventory
  • Improve the automation process with bar coding
  • Improve traceability with inline real time coding
  • Reduce manual labor, replace labels and reduce cost of ownership
  • Improve processes and reduce errors from manual label application

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